Managing Stock across Multiple Warehouses

Many of our clients have fulfilment warehouses in multiple countries around the world, in many instances it makes sense to have the product stored, processed and distributed from the country the order is placed in.

However, as a business owner, the challenge of knowing your worldwide inventory levels for a particular product is a complex one and can involve multiple logins to multiple stock systems and by the very nature of the setup, will never be a true live picture.

StoreFeeder can offer a solution that provides the ability to see exactly what your total worldwide inventory level is as well as the quantity available in each fulfilment centre in each country.

StoreFeeder was built on the principle that variation products are products in their own right, this allows you to list variation products i.e. a red t-shirt in Size M as either part of a variation listing on channel (Red T-Shirt available in S,M,L & XL), or as a individual product listing on channel (Red T-Shirt Size M). So, as each variation is a product in its own right, you can have a country or warehouse location as a variation.

So a product that is sold in, for example, the UK, Germany and Australia should be set up as a variation product as normal, and then each fulfilment centre around the world is set up as a variation product.

This means that when you are viewing the product in StoreFeeder you will be able to see the total worldwide stock level at master product level, but drilling down into the product will show the stock levels available at each worldwide location. Simple!!

In our example product here, you will see that the product has 3 different warehouse locations and the worldwide inventory level for the product is 23, made up of 10 units in the UK, 5 in Germany and 8 in Australia

And because each variation is a product in its own right, you can list just the Australian held stock on your Australian channels, just your UK stock on your UK channels and so on.

You will see that there are 10 units available on the eBay UK listing which matches the 10 units showing in the UK warehouse on the variation listing in StoreFeeder

And the good news continues, because of the way StoreFeeder handles stock and different warehouses, only orders ordered on Australian channels will be exported via FTP to the Australian fulfilment house, or they can process the orders through StoreFeeder with appropriate restriction settings so they only see the orders that are for them.

Each variant can also have different suppliers as well, so if your source the Australian version in Australia and the UK version in the UK, then StoreFeeder can also handle this.

So, if you have warehouses in multiple countries and need an effective inventory management solution, give our team a call and we will be happy to talk you through the options and methodology.

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