The evolution of StoreFeeder


Some of our clients may already be aware of how StoreFeeder was conceived, so to speak. We were born from a basic warehouse management system built for our sister company (we share premises), UK Fulfilment.


The original online warehouse management system was conceived in the mid 1990’s and was very basic and crude, but allowed our clients to login and place orders for their stock online for us to deliver to the customer.

This ran for many years and ran the warehouse activities for many hig profile clients in conjuction with telephone and mail orders.

In the mid 2000’s this system evolved again to include an API link to the clients website which meant orders would come directly into our system when an order was received. This may seem the norm now but back then this was high tech!

It was around 2009 when the initial concept of StoreFeeder beagn to emerge and we explored the possibility of linking eBay and Amazon accounts as well as the clients websites.

And there you have it! 2 upgrades later and here we are with StoreFeeder V2 which is virtually unrecognisable from the basic 1990’s software on which the concept was born. The only recognisable aspect of the software is that it still manages the warehouse for UK Fulfilment and its clients.

Not many pieces of software can claim that they actually use the software themselves, but we can, our own software runs our own warehouse.

For more information on UK Fulfilment and the services that they offer, visit their webiste at or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


Benefits of outsourcing fulfilment with UK Fulfilment

‘Benefits of outsourcing fulfilment’ is a guest post from Ian at UK Fulfilment, a fulfilment house based in Nottingham…

The very fact that you are looking at the StoreFeeder blog, means that you either are or you are considering selling your products on multiple sales channels. The evolution of the ecommerce market has been staggering and without fantastic pieces of multi-channel ecommerce software, like StoreFeeder, to help companies manage their stock and sales activity, time would be a very precious resource in this industry.

Time, an interesting concept, who could not do with more time in the day, more time to source new products, or new suppliers for your existing ones, or even (dare I say it) relax away from the business!

The selling of a product is just the start of the journey, it means that you have done the right things so far. You have a product that the customer wants and at a price they are happy to pay. Your sales channel is good and the customer feels a sense of trust to buy from you.

But this really is the start of the journey and this journey is where ‘time’ is often a factor in whether your customer will ultimately be happy with you and their purchase.

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