It’s good to talk….

When planning your next e-commerce upgrade, website strategy or multi-channel sales plan it can be difficult to put things into perspective.

We at StoreFeeder believe that taking on these challenges alone, making those decisions in isolation, working toward an un-checked goal, can be detrimental to your or your employers business.

With this in mind StoreFeeder are offering a “good to talk” e-commerce consultancy to small, medium and even Enterprise level sellers who are interested in Multi-channel commerce. The session can be held on-site at your location or via on-line screenshare mechanisms, and it’s open to all who trade on-line, whether eBay, Amazon, Website or a mix of channels….

The content too can be varied, we can either go over current practices in shipping, warehousing, order processing, online listing ads, eBay, Amazon, websites, the list goes on…or we can cover StoreFeeders tools and solutions to those problems, the choice is yours The session can be as detailed as you wish – we have many years online experience which shows in our work, so advice will be given according to your needs and wants.

There is no obligation and we’ll cover the cost too! So…. Let’s talk!

If you think it’s good to talk and are looking for some good advice, then just give us a call on 0843 523 6610.

Amazon sellers eBay headaches

Selling on Amazon? Looking for new markets?

Amazon Sellers can often find it difficult to make the leap into multichannel, especially as eBay operates in such a different way to Amazon. But some good news for Amazon sellers – StoreFeeder’s bulk listing tools for eBay can help with this.

So instead of worrying about listing items individually, sellers can easily import their Amazon listings ready to distribute to eBay. StoreFeeder’s bulk eBay listing tools allow sellers to pre-define defaults containing key parameters and selections so that they can easily apply them in bulk to any prospective listings for eBay. The bulk listing tools allow Amazon sellers to easily adopt eBay as a new route to market by simplifying down the selections one has to make prior to committing the listing to eBay. Simples!

And your Website? Using the same tools sellers can also easily populate Bigcommerce and Magento systems with the same stocks, simply setup Defaults in the same way as for eBay, this time choosing parameters that are website specific. In practice this saves many man hours, complexity and relieves your multichannel headaches – so whatever your plans are regarding Multichannel or Omnichannel e-tailing, StoreFeeder has a solution.

Give us a call today, we are happy to Demo the solution for you!

Magento Go replacement

With the news that eBay are retiring the Magento-go platform, many retailers will be looking for an alternative platform. Ebay themselves are promoting Bigcommerce, a platform that StoreFeeder have been promoting as a better solution for years!

Moving from Magento-go with migration assistance from eBay will be disrupting for many – others will breeze through the change. The good news for existing and prospective StoreFeeder clients is that we offer Bigcommerce Multichannel solutions, so your move from Magento could easily see you upgrade not only the platform but also the opportunity to go onto many more sales channels using a single inventory.

If Magento Go users are planning to go Enterprise or Community editions, StoreFeeder can also help. With full integrations for both Enterprise and Community, StoreFeeder provides former Magento-go clients with huge benefits, equivalent to that of the Bigcommerce installation.

So if you are a Megento-Go client and are looking to make a switch, give us a call. Why not make the most of the switch by including Multi-channel sales in the upgrade….

StoreFeeder clients grew sales by 150%

StoreFeeder’s e-commerce retailers (e-tailers) saw an average of over 150% growth over the last 12 months* according to a recent internal survey of our customers – Well done guys!

We are happy to hear that StoreFeeder has been instrumental in that growth, and that many see the growth pattern continuing into 2015, especially as they are looking to continue reaching into further international markets.

Our tools have seen good levels of development over this last year and we are proud to be considered one of the best in our industry by our clients, many of whom came to StoreFeeder from other multi-channel providers with whom they’d had technical problems. We are incredibly proud to have provided a service which has helped our e-tailers grow their businesses, without having charged the earth.

e-commerce multichannel sales really is the industry to be in! With decent stock control, order processing and listing tools you really can’t go wrong. Multi-channel selling really has never before been so attractive and yet so accessible!

As always we welcome feedback from customers and potential clients alike, our ears are always open if you’d like to discuss your plans… email if you’d like a chat, we’ll call you at a time to suit you…

*April 2013-2014

“We chose our Multichannel provider based on price”

It’s often hard to decide which Multichannel provider to choose for your business. We get calls every day from business owners who have bought on the “price” parameter when in fact they now realise they should have looked a little further into the reputation and indeed the software feature set of the provider concerned. Buying on price can be dangerous, the old adage ringing true, “buy cheap buy twice”.

For the more advanced sellers, it’s often difficult to justify huge costs, where feature sets have been the main priority. Often those “ideal” features tend to be easily found using external tools, saving thousands in expense, a good example is Google Product Listing Adds (PLAs) – which can be generated easily to further market your products through your Google account itself. Those who looked for a one-stop solution found themselves paying high prices for Multichannel solutions.

So StoreFeeder recommends buying on a combination of criteria including Price, functionality and provider reputation / support. If retailers are selling online today they need to retain as much margin as possible to remain competitive. Buying your multichannel “business Backbone” will be key in generating further income, making sure you choose the right one will be key in developing your business.

StoreFeeder are currently offering migration services to anyone who feels they may have chosen the wrong provider, offering you a full assisted setup service to assist you in moving your multichannel operation to a better platform, speak to us on 0843 523 6610 or email for a full consultation….

The StoreFeeder Net Despatch Integration

We have teamed up with the guys at Net Despatch and are pleased to announce that we now offer a full integration with their service covering both domestic and international shipments. You can now despatch your orders, create your shipping labels and get tracking numbers all at a click of button.

The Net Despatch software sits quietly behind the scenes and does its work and in most cases there is no need to change the way you currently despatch your orders through StoreFeeder. Labels be printed directly to your current thermal printer onto DMO labels or you can also choose to use integrated labels where the PPI and tracking information will be printed directly onto the label on your invoice. The tracking numbers (where applicable) are also recorded on the order within StoreFeeder for easy reference and tracking of parcels.

If you are currently a Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO) customer or have a Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA) then you should already qualify for a Net Despatch account.

And here is the best part, this service is FREE!! So if you feel that Net Despatch is something that will help your business, get in touch with a member of the StoreFeeder support team on 0843 5236 610 to discuss the setup process.

StoreFeeder now supports eBay Click & Collect

Many of you will have seen the new Click & Collect service that is being marketed by eBay which allows sellers to offer a collection service through Argos stores across the UK.. Although this is available to invited sellers only at the moment, here at StoreFeeder we have a number of customers who have been selected, so we have developed the facility to offer this shipping option to your customers when eBay roll this out to all sellers.

If you have been invited to be part of the project then StoreFeeder can help you create and manage these listings and when the service is rolled out to all sellers, you can be assured that StoreFeeder is ready.

To use the service, you will need to have a UPS account that is integrated with StoreFeeder. When an order is placed and marked for click and collect, the item will be collected by UPS and delivered to the Argos store specified by the customer.

More information on the service can be found on eBay’s Click and Collect site.

StoreFeeder has a new Magento API

We have spent the last month writing a new Magento API for StoreFeeder that was released last week. This new API is for use with the Community Edition of Magento and has improved, as well as added, performance for listing to and managing your Magento Stores.

We have also added the improved support for configurable products on Magento and added the independent attributes with an updated grid to the listings page. This feature allows you complete control of the variants that you are listing as well as treating the variants on the listing separately from the existing ones set on the product.

If you are using the current Magento API you will see a message informing you to contact our support team on 0843 5236 610 for more information. For more information on Magento Community click here.

eBay Giving Works

Many of you will have seen eBay listings that contain a charity link. This charity link allows you to donate all or a percentage of your sale to charity through the eBay listing.

We were recently approached by a couple of our clients to see if it was possible to add a charity donation to some of their listings and who were we to turn down such a kind gesture!!

So our team have been working away and we can now offer customers the ability to have a charitable donation on their listings if they wish to do so through the eBay ‘Giving Works’ scheme for sellers.

You have full control, you can select the listings you wish this to apply to, the % of sale you wish to donate and, of course, which charity you wish to donate to.

There are over 30,000 charities worldwide currently available to donate to through the eBay ‘Giving Works’ scheme, which has raised in excess of $85 million for good causes around the world.

So if you are interested in adding this to selected listings and donating to charity through your sales, then contact the StoreFeeder team and they will set your selected charities up on your account and talk you through the listing process.

For more information on the eBay Giving Works scheme for sellers, click here or to download the eBay Giving Works guide, click here


Managing Stock across Multiple Warehouses

Many of our clients have fulfilment warehouses in multiple countries around the world, in many instances it makes sense to have the product stored, processed and distributed from the country the order is placed in.

However, as a business owner, the challenge of knowing your worldwide inventory levels for a particular product is a complex one and can involve multiple logins to multiple stock systems and by the very nature of the setup, will never be a true live picture.

StoreFeeder can offer a solution that provides the ability to see exactly what your total worldwide inventory level is as well as the quantity available in each fulfilment centre in each country.

StoreFeeder was built on the principle that variation products are products in their own right, this allows you to list variation products i.e. a red t-shirt in Size M as either part of a variation listing on channel (Red T-Shirt available in S,M,L & XL), or as a individual product listing on channel (Red T-Shirt Size M). So, as each variation is a product in its own right, you can have a country or warehouse location as a variation.

So a product that is sold in, for example, the UK, Germany and Australia should be set up as a variation product as normal, and then each fulfilment centre around the world is set up as a variation product.

This means that when you are viewing the product in StoreFeeder you will be able to see the total worldwide stock level at master product level, but drilling down into the product will show the stock levels available at each worldwide location. Simple!!

In our example product here, you will see that the product has 3 different warehouse locations and the worldwide inventory level for the product is 23, made up of 10 units in the UK, 5 in Germany and 8 in Australia

And because each variation is a product in its own right, you can list just the Australian held stock on your Australian channels, just your UK stock on your UK channels and so on.

You will see that there are 10 units available on the eBay UK listing which matches the 10 units showing in the UK warehouse on the variation listing in StoreFeeder

And the good news continues, because of the way StoreFeeder handles stock and different warehouses, only orders ordered on Australian channels will be exported via FTP to the Australian fulfilment house, or they can process the orders through StoreFeeder with appropriate restriction settings so they only see the orders that are for them.

Each variant can also have different suppliers as well, so if your source the Australian version in Australia and the UK version in the UK, then StoreFeeder can also handle this.

So, if you have warehouses in multiple countries and need an effective inventory management solution, give our team a call and we will be happy to talk you through the options and methodology.