StoreFeeder in under 10 minutes….

Our Head of Sales, Karl Ciz, has been busy!!

He has produced a short, 10 minute video clip showing all the great features StoreFeeder can offer. No idea how he crammed all the great features and tools into a 10 minute video, but he did!!

So make a hot drink and take 10 minutes to watch the video and find discover the key concepts and features StoreFeeder offers.

Of course, if you want to see more detail, get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions or give you a fuller demo of the software.

Happy viewing!

The StoreFeeder Team

Exciting changes to Shipping Rules

Our eagle eyed users may have noticed some changes to our Shipping Rules page, including a great new feature called the Shipping Rule Tester.

Improvements to Shipping Rules – Some changes to our Shipping Rules section include being able to apply Specificity and Priority to shipping rules:

Specificity – A measure of how specific the Shipping Rule is.  This is determined by how many criteria you have explicitly set it the Shipping Rule rather than leaving as All/No Min/No Max.  When more than one Shipping Rule could apply to an Order the Rule with the highest Specificity will apply.

Priority – A value between 1 and 99 (or optionally left blank), which indicates which Shipping Rule should take priority if two Rules apply to an order and are equally specific.  1 is the highest priority and 99 is the lowest.  If left blank the priority is considered to be less than 99.

A knowledge base for the new shipping rules section can be found here

Our NEW Shipping Rules Tester – After a suggestion on User Voice, we have made the shipping rule tester live for all users. Previously only an internal tool, all users can now check how changes to your shipping rules will affect your orders.

1a1aThe Shipping Rules Tester page gives you the opportunity to test your shipping rules to see how they perform under different circumstances. The page aims to make it more transparent how the shipping rules are used to against your orders.

The Tester allows you to see ALL valid shipping rules for an order and which one of those valid shipping rules would ‘win’ and be applied to the order. Optionally you can also see a full comparison of that order against ALL of your Shipping Rules, with a breakdown of how each criteria compared to the order.

A knowledge base for the new shipping rules tester can be found here

Coming Soon!! – More upgrades to the Shipping Rules!

What if you think that one criteria in the rule is more important than the others?  Maybe Channel Shipping Method is a pretty big deal and should be worth more than the other criteria? You want the shipping method to reflect that, right? That’s why we’re adding weightings.

It’s basically a way of saying, when you count up how specific my rule is I want you to treat these criteria as more/less important than the others.

This great new functionality will make Shipping Rules even more accurate when allocating shipping methods to your orders

StoreFeeder – User Voice Updates

Some great suggestions have been coming in on User Voice and we have been listening and busy implementing some of the ideas into the latest software update releases alongside the StoreFeeder led developments.






Latest Releases

Here are just a few of the latest updates that are now live on StoreFeeder thanks to User Voice suggestions:

WooCommerce – We now have a WooCommerce integration. This ecommerce platform is growing in popularity so we have made it easier for customers to now integrate. See the user voice suggestion here

Full logging of all inventory changes for products – If you go to an individual product and click on ‘Adjustments’ tab, you will now see a full audit trail for the product which now not only shows manual adjustments, but includes all orders, cancellations, goods in activity and returns. You can also filter these adjustments using the ‘Category’ filter, so you can quickly filter types of inventory changes. See the user voice suggestion here

Remove Order from a Pick Wave – You will see the new ‘Remove Pickwave’ button in the top right of the screen on the edit order page and clicking this when the order is assigned to a pick wave will remove the order from that pick wave and return its status to ‘Complete – Ready to Pick’. See the user voice suggestion here

For more information on any of these latest releases, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.

Recent Suggestions – Vote now!

As you can see, making suggestions and voting on User Voice really works!! Here are just a few of the great new ideas that have been submitted recently. If you feel any of these suggestions would benefit you, please go to User Voice and vote!

Add an option to duplicate orders – Would it be useful to be able to duplicate an existing order with the click of a button? Vote here

The ability to save a draft listing for completion and upload to channel later – Would you find it useful to be able to save a listing you are creating so you can come back to it, complete or amend it and upload it later? Vote here

Suggestions currently under review

Here are just a few of the recent User Voice suggestions that we are currently reviewing:

Cancel an order and +1 or -1 from Inventory – The option that after an order is cancelled to be able to select whether to add inventory back to stock or prevent it being added to stock

Record of when and who amended a listing or product – We already record user amendments to orders but users think it would be useful to also record the person that amended a listing or a product

Delete old channels from StoreFeeder – If you have a channel that you no longer use, would it be useful to be able to delete the integration rather than just turn it off? This functionality is available to StoreFeeder Support Staff and we are considering if it is viable to roll this out to Admin Users

Thanks again for all your suggestions, please keep them coming!! StoreFeeder users come up with great suggestions and every idea is looked at. If you like an idea, vote! When ideas gain support, we listen and see if it is possible.

Look out for more updates next month!

The StoreFeeder Team

New Developments – watch this space

StoreFeeder is proud to be one of the highest rated Multi-channel platforms out there, mainly because we listen to customers.  We’ve had great feedback on the latest development on the Bigcommerce integration, with the new picture handling grid proving extremely popular.

So the stage is set for the next round of development. We aim to help customers be more flexible on eBay in very much the same way, with better picture handling and improved page layouts to make the process of listing to eBay even more simple.

So watch this space over the next few months, we’ll be announcing new features and upgrades to the system as they are completed.  Current customers will also be informed via the internal messaging system.


StoreFeeder partners with Flubit

StoreFeeder is delighted to announce its newest integration… We have partnered with Flubit to provide our online retailers with a seamless integration into this lucrative sales channel.

Flubit’s demand-driven technology allows StoreFeeder’s merchants to enjoy boosted sales at no extra cost. The user visits Flubit when they are ready to purchase, creates a demand and the order is seamlessy fulfilled by the merchant directly through Storefeeder.

As there are no set-up costs or marketplace fees, merchants are able to protect their margins with every sale.

Since its launch in 2012, has hosted millions of pounds of transactions. The platform is compelling and addictive, proved by the impressive customer retention and conversion rates – customers make an average of 5 purchases each and 30% of offers convert to orders, that’s around ten times the industry average! What’s more, due to a recent partnership with Barclay’s bespoke offers website, Flubit’s integrated merchant’s product inventory is made available to a customer base of 5 million!

StoreFeeder allows multi-channel retailers to manage their entire product inventories and process orders on a number of established sales channels, we are very pleased that Flubit is now one of those solid integrations. StoreFeeder customers can now easily integrate with Flubit via their StoreFeeder account and start selling! Click here for more details

There’s no cost, simply choose the Flubut integration, enter your details and start managing your inventory feed! It’s really straightforward, within minutes you can get orders from and provide order updates to Flubit. Simples!
For more information contact our sales team on 0115 973 8074

Helping Father Christmas Maintain his reputation…

Are you ready for Christmas?

You might think that’s a strange question but in the e-commerce retailing world you need to look ahead. A wise man once told me, if you are not preparing for Christmas in the summer you’ll be a busy fool come winter. By this he meant there are certain things you must consider before the Christmas peak…. And of course we as sellers help parents become Santa for the day – here’s what to consider and why…

1. Santa’s Stock – have you considered your current stock holding and purchasing more for the busy period? Have you ensured supply by checking with wholesalers and suppliers? Have you ensured you have good stocks of the most popular items? Look at your previous years sales reports to be sure you are going in the right direction… In StoreFeeder you can report on sales by channel and by SKU, this will help enormously when re-ordering with the PO function.

2. Christmas Market – Has the market changed since last year? Have you extended your reach into new markets? If so what is the likely uplift in sales going to be? Choose the right product too, try to avoid products which are on a decreasing price/margin cycle. You may wish to sell different products at different prices on different platforms – simply make adjustments in StoreFeeder to allocate different pricing per channel.

3. Pesky Elfs – Other merchants are always a key factor in what you plan to do for Christmas – some sellers will sell at stupidly low margins to get the sale – so looking for products with less competition will also preserve Average Selling Prices (ASPs). It’s sometimes better to sell on a market which allows you to sell less but at a higher margin. Take note of trends in your sector and keep an eye out for the competition, markets move quickly. StoreFeeder’s repricer can help stay ahead of the game on Amazon so that you can help thousands of parents deliver on Santa’s promises.

4. Christmas Time – Have you looked at cutting out core time wastage? Have you looked to automate core tasks such as StoreFeeder’s order processing via scanner rather than manually? This improves accuracy and saves time. Have you looked at simple things like label printing from your courier, could this be printed in a peel label invoice to save paper and improve speed? Simple things but with good time savings all round…I’m sure Santa uses StoreFeeder, he’s got such a slick operation!

5. Willing Elfs – Without the help of a chirpy Elf or two, Every sales operation has increased staffing to think about over extended sales periods such as Christmas. The peaks in processing can cause the need to look externally for temporary staff, unless of course you can automate some processes yourself. Our advice is to get all core staff familiar with StoreFeeder in plenty of time so that core systems and procedures are fully automated, this should see the need for extra staff countered with some good net time savings.

6. Father Christmas’s Reputation – Have you considered the reputation Father Christmas would have suffered over the centuries had he been late with his sack of gifts? Had he turned up on 27th December, or worse still not at all, we’d all have lost faith a long time ago. Ensure you have in stock what you say you have online, you can do a lot of damage to your reputation if your stock control is shot. Happily our clients can relax secure in the knowledge we are helping maintain Father Christmas’s good reputation.

It’s good to talk….

When planning your next e-commerce upgrade, website strategy or multi-channel sales plan it can be difficult to put things into perspective.

We at StoreFeeder believe that taking on these challenges alone, making those decisions in isolation, working toward an un-checked goal, can be detrimental to your or your employers business.

With this in mind StoreFeeder are offering a “good to talk” e-commerce consultancy to small, medium and even Enterprise level sellers who are interested in Multi-channel commerce. The session can be held on-site at your location or via on-line screenshare mechanisms, and it’s open to all who trade on-line, whether eBay, Amazon, Website or a mix of channels….

The content too can be varied, we can either go over current practices in shipping, warehousing, order processing, online listing ads, eBay, Amazon, websites, the list goes on…or we can cover StoreFeeders tools and solutions to those problems, the choice is yours The session can be as detailed as you wish – we have many years online experience which shows in our work, so advice will be given according to your needs and wants.

There is no obligation and we’ll cover the cost too! So…. Let’s talk!

If you think it’s good to talk and are looking for some good advice, then just give us a call on 0843 523 6610.

Amazon sellers eBay headaches

Selling on Amazon? Looking for new markets?

Amazon Sellers can often find it difficult to make the leap into multichannel, especially as eBay operates in such a different way to Amazon. But some good news for Amazon sellers – StoreFeeder’s bulk listing tools for eBay can help with this.

So instead of worrying about listing items individually, sellers can easily import their Amazon listings ready to distribute to eBay. StoreFeeder’s bulk eBay listing tools allow sellers to pre-define defaults containing key parameters and selections so that they can easily apply them in bulk to any prospective listings for eBay. The bulk listing tools allow Amazon sellers to easily adopt eBay as a new route to market by simplifying down the selections one has to make prior to committing the listing to eBay. Simples!

And your Website? Using the same tools sellers can also easily populate Bigcommerce and Magento systems with the same stocks, simply setup Defaults in the same way as for eBay, this time choosing parameters that are website specific. In practice this saves many man hours, complexity and relieves your multichannel headaches – so whatever your plans are regarding Multichannel or Omnichannel e-tailing, StoreFeeder has a solution.

Give us a call today, we are happy to Demo the solution for you!

Magento Go replacement

With the news that eBay are retiring the Magento-go platform, many retailers will be looking for an alternative platform. Ebay themselves are promoting Bigcommerce, a platform that StoreFeeder have been promoting as a better solution for years!

Moving from Magento-go with migration assistance from eBay will be disrupting for many – others will breeze through the change. The good news for existing and prospective StoreFeeder clients is that we offer Bigcommerce Multichannel solutions, so your move from Magento could easily see you upgrade not only the platform but also the opportunity to go onto many more sales channels using a single inventory.

If Magento Go users are planning to go Enterprise or Community editions, StoreFeeder can also help. With full integrations for both Enterprise and Community, StoreFeeder provides former Magento-go clients with huge benefits, equivalent to that of the Bigcommerce installation.

So if you are a Megento-Go client and are looking to make a switch, give us a call. Why not make the most of the switch by including Multi-channel sales in the upgrade….

StoreFeeder clients grew sales by 150%

StoreFeeder’s e-commerce retailers (e-tailers) saw an average of over 150% growth over the last 12 months* according to a recent internal survey of our customers – Well done guys!

We are happy to hear that StoreFeeder has been instrumental in that growth, and that many see the growth pattern continuing into 2015, especially as they are looking to continue reaching into further international markets.

Our tools have seen good levels of development over this last year and we are proud to be considered one of the best in our industry by our clients, many of whom came to StoreFeeder from other multi-channel providers with whom they’d had technical problems. We are incredibly proud to have provided a service which has helped our e-tailers grow their businesses, without having charged the earth.

e-commerce multichannel sales really is the industry to be in! With decent stock control, order processing and listing tools you really can’t go wrong. Multi-channel selling really has never before been so attractive and yet so accessible!

As always we welcome feedback from customers and potential clients alike, our ears are always open if you’d like to discuss your plans… email if you’d like a chat, we’ll call you at a time to suit you…

*April 2013-2014