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Latest Release Updates – 21st September 2022

Welcome to the latest Release Updates post. The cold nights are drawing in again and I’m sure we’re all thinking of ways to save money on keeping ourselves warm during this energy crisis. I personally have a new dressing gown and slippers on the way as I can see myself needing them more and more […]
Update Summary – Release Notes Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App. The current version of the app is now – 2.5.0 Pickwaves that are in progress can now be claimed and completed by another picker:Pickers can leave a pickwave mid-pick and it can then be assigned to another picker to complete. […]
Welcome to the latest Release Updates post. It’s been a busy month and a half since I last posted a product update; we’ve had a record-breaking heatwave and won the Euro’s (congrats to the Lionesses!) to name just a couple of things. Amongst everything else that’s been going on, we’ve been hard at work making […]
Welcome to the latest Release Updates post. Crikey! It’s hot outside… In fact, as I’m writing this I’ve got the fan on max right next to my face blowing a nice stream of hot air at me. As a fair-skinned hayfever sufferer, it’s looking pretty bleak for me; perhaps there may be a new author […]
Welcome to the latest Release Updates post. I hope we’re all looking forward to the Jubilee weekend? Whether you’ll be partying in the streets celebrating our Majesty’s 70th year of service or just enjoying the extra bank holidays, I’m sure one will find a way to keep one’s self amused. I’m certainly nowhere near my […]
We have made some improvements that will give our Multiple Stock Location users much better and clearer visibility of how much stock you have and where that stock is located. We have also made some changes to the functionality around the Unspecified Location and altered some of the actions that affect this figure. Again, these […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post. This is more like it. A lot less time has passed since our last update and already I’ve got a host of brand new features to tell you about. I could write an intro here with some chatter about the weather or current events in the world […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post. It’s been a while! I hope you’re all doing well and your sales numbers are as well. These release notes are perhaps a little longer than usual as, although we’ve had plenty of updates since I last wrote, they’ve been mostly filled with a lot of behind […]
If you sell into Europe, in particular France and Germany, as a seller you should already be aware of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), but just in case…. What is EPR? EPR is a strategy to add all of the environmental costs associated with a product throughout the product life cycle to the market price of […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post. I hope it’s not too late to be wishing you all a Happy New Year! Unfortunately, this is the earliest the release schedule would allow me to do so… (why can’t people just fit around my holiday wishes schedule eh?) I’m sure most of you are reading […]