Magento Go replacement

StoreFeeder Team

With the news that eBay are retiring the Magento-go platform, many retailers will be looking for an alternative platform. Ebay themselves are promoting Bigcommerce, a platform that StoreFeeder have been promoting as a better solution for years!

Moving from Magento-go with migration assistance from eBay will be disrupting for many – others will breeze through the change. The good news for existing and prospective StoreFeeder clients is that we offer Bigcommerce Multichannel solutions, so your move from Magento could easily see you upgrade not only the platform but also the opportunity to go onto many more sales channels using a single inventory.

If Magento Go users are planning to go Enterprise or Community editions, StoreFeeder can also help. With full integrations for both Enterprise and Community, StoreFeeder provides former Magento-go clients with huge benefits, equivalent to that of the Bigcommerce installation.

So if you are a Megento-Go client and are looking to make a switch, give us a call. Why not make the most of the switch by including Multi-channel sales in the upgrade….