Author: StoreFeeder Team

StoreFeeder is proud to be one of the highest rated Multi-channel platforms out there, mainly because we listen to customers.  We’ve had great feedback on the latest development on the Bigcommerce integration, with the new picture handling grid proving extremely popular. So the stage is set for the next round of development. We aim to […]
StoreFeeder is delighted to announce its newest integration… We have partnered with Flubit to provide our online retailers with a seamless integration into this lucrative sales channel. Flubit’s demand-driven technology allows StoreFeeder’s merchants to enjoy boosted sales at no extra cost. The user visits Flubit when they are ready to purchase, creates a demand and […]
Are you ready for Christmas? You might think that’s a strange question but in the e-commerce retailing world you need to look ahead. A wise man once told me, if you are not preparing for Christmas in the summer you’ll be a busy fool come winter. By this he meant there are certain things you […]
When planning your next e-commerce upgrade, website strategy or multi-channel sales plan it can be difficult to put things into perspective. We at StoreFeeder believe that taking on these challenges alone, making those decisions in isolation, working toward an un-checked goal, can be detrimental to your or your employers business. With this in mind StoreFeeder […]
Selling on Amazon? Looking for new markets? Amazon Sellers can often find it difficult to make the leap into multichannel, especially as eBay operates in such a different way to Amazon. But some good news for Amazon sellers – StoreFeeder’s bulk listing tools for eBay can help with this. So instead of worrying about listing […]
With the news that eBay are retiring the Magento-go platform, many retailers will be looking for an alternative platform. Ebay themselves are promoting Bigcommerce, a platform that StoreFeeder have been promoting as a better solution for years! Moving from Magento-go with migration assistance from eBay will be disrupting for many – others will breeze through […]
StoreFeeder’s e-commerce retailers (e-tailers) saw an average of over 150% growth over the last 12 months* according to a recent internal survey of our customers – Well done guys! We are happy to hear that StoreFeeder has been instrumental in that growth, and that many see the growth pattern continuing into 2015, especially as they […]
It’s often hard to decide which Multichannel provider to choose for your business. We get calls every day from business owners who have bought on the “price” parameter when in fact they now realise they should have looked a little further into the reputation and indeed the software feature set of the provider concerned. Buying […]
What is Omnichannel retailing? The Wikipedia explanation details that Omnichannel retailing includes ALL channels such as telephone orders, bricks and mortar, catalogue, EPOS, on-line sales, mobile etc., but in reality this does not change the concept that StoreFeeder have been promoting for many years. The whole point of Omnichannel sales is to allow brands to […]
eBay are finally rolling out the new seller dashboard from their Autumn 2013 seller update. There are lots of new features that include views on… Your current performance level and ratings Why you’re at that performance level Your progress and where you’re trending in the next evaluation Benchmarking against category performance on detailed seller ratings […]