Author: Ian

The new normal, is anything but normal. We hope that you are all finding a path through this peculiar time and that you are managing to keep your eCommerce business going one way or another. At StoreFeeder we are trying to help you navigate the pandemic and one idea we had was to ask some […]
It is an uncertain time in the eCommerce world. Some sellers are seeing big spikes in orders as Self Isolation boredom kicks in, while others have seen sales virtually disappear or they have taken the decision to shut their online business for the short term. For the latter, this is a tough period, so what […]
As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to develop around the world, the carriers’ ability to deliver your orders is also changing. As a helpful guide to keep you up to date, we have the links below to all the major UK carriers so you can get the latest information on shipments: The latest information can be […]
The current Government advice is clear that online retail is open and encouraged. This, of course, means that the warehouses and logistic infrastructures behind the online sales also must remain open. That, in most cases, requires people to be at work. Each online business should evaluate if they should remain operational or make the difficult […]
This is great advice anyway, but even more prevalent in this uncertain time. Should you need to close your eBay or Amazon stores temporarily, be this for holidays or for other business suspension reasons, there are some useful tools available to help you suspend sales without losing stock and data information from StoreFeeder. In the […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post. From record breaking temperatures in the UK last week to needing the heating on this week, who doesn’t love a British summer!! As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released this month, […]
  Important Information about the StoreFeeder App With new devices coming out each year, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the speed at which technology advances. Google stopped supporting any KitKat OS (4.4.*) version of Android in 2017, so we will soon be unable to continue releasing new versions of the StoreFeeder […]
We have launched a great new page for you all to keep up to date with how StoreFeeder is operating. The new StoreFeeder Status Page can be found at This page will show current operational statuses of a variety of aspects of the software and keep you up to date with any issues you […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post Christmas seems a distant memory, Dry January has been and gone and the winter weather certainly seems to have arrived, but a little snow and frost does not stop StoreFeeder from bringing you some great new updates this month As always, there has been a lot of […]
Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post We hope you all had a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we have been hearing some very positive reports of increased orders and how well customers handled this increase using StoreFeeder, which is great to hear! As always, there has been a lot of work in the […]