Author: Nick McCaffery

After more hype than a Vegas title fight and a copious amount of huffing and blowing from the powers that run the high street, Black Friday has come and gone. And as the whole shebang is over bar the shouting, the bean counters have their abaci out and are voraciously totting up the numbers. It […]
With the tedious inevitability of an unloved season, Black Friday is almost upon us. Retailers the world over will be slowly rubbing their hands over the promise of untold riches and consumers are getting their fighting gear and armour dusted off to go and grab them bargains. However, online merchants and indie traders may be […]
A new year brings further new features from StoreFeeder. Due to changing markets and the increasing need to manage margins, StoreFeeder have released pricing profiles to their enterprise customers. This feature offers retailers the ability to automatically control their pricing in channel or on a marketplace, giving shop owners peace of mind that profits will […]