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Latest Release Updates – 4th August 2022

With many years of multi-channel sales, eBay, Amazon, and Website beneath my belt, and having consulted with thousands of channel sellers in that time, i thought it might be nice to run through some of the things I have learned in that time which applies to small and large businesses alike. At last night’s eBay […]
From today, Amazon will be raising it’s fees for third party traders. Below is the full list of price increases and which channels they will apply to for users of StoreFeeder. An increase on Electronics accessories of 12% or 0.5 £/EUR whichever is higher is occurring across all Amazon sites. UK Tyres 10% Video Games […]
Frooition launched Frooition Signature the world’s first eBay design solution last month and we’d love to hear if any of you have tried it yet? To give you a bit of background, Frooition create custom eBay store and listing designs for all levels of eBay sellers and this latest solution allows sellers to create and […]
As announced on TameBay this morning, Voi Jeans have become an eBay Enterprise seller with the help of StoreFeeder!
Over the years Play.com has grown from a website that originally only sold region 1 and 2 DVDs to one of the biggest online retailers in the UK market. Since being founded in 1998, Play.com has expanded to sell not only DVDs, CDs and books for which it is most commonly known, but also clothing, […]
We’ve been having a bit of a tidy, and it’s not just a splash of colour. We revealed to our clients earlier this week a few changes we have in the pipeline for StoreFeeder’s layout, and I thought it was only fair that we share the news… We’ve received some great feedback and suggestions over […]
‘Benefits of outsourcing fulfilment’ is a guest post from Ian at UK Fulfilment, a fulfilment house based in Nottingham… The very fact that you are looking at the StoreFeeder blog, means that you either are or you are considering selling your products on multiple sales channels. The evolution of the ecommerce market has been staggering […]
Rather than a Friday round up of sites this week, I’ve collated a few handy search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for you to use on your ecommerce website. Whether you have a multi-channel ecommerce operation or not, SEO is an important factor to help you rank well in search engines such as Google.
Next up on our ‘take a look at‘ journey is Amazon integration, one of the world’s largest retailers with everything from A-Z (which incidentally is indicated in their logo). If you cast your mind back to 1995 you may or may not remember that Amazon actually started out as an online bookstore. They have of […]
Brrr. It’s cold out there! Hopefully the snow hasn’t affected everyone toooo much, but if like me the weather has made you favour staying indoors rather than venturing outside then here are a few blogs to give you something to read with that cup of hot cocoa.