Latest Updates: October Edition (Royal Mail labels, Bluepark listings, & general improvements)

Now we’re into October, and the peak time for incoming orders is around the corner, we have been working to make our service quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Aside from many behind-the-scenes improvements, here is the first set of October updates, due for release today, Wednesday 4th October, 2017.

Royal Mail labels

We have made a major improvement to the way in which we produce Royal Mail labels to make them both quicker to produce, and quicker for warehousing.

Royal Mail labels now function like other courier labels, so StoreFeeder will produce as many labels are needed for the number of packaging types in your order.

While this process is now more efficient than before, there may be some changes required to your product set up, to ensure you receive the correct quantity of labels.

There is a section in your ‘Product Additional Information’ page where you can specify both the Packaging Type, and the Packaging Quantity, which is the quantity of the product that will fit within the specific packaging type. If you have not done so already, please ensure you update these fields for your products, and StoreFeeder will produce the necessary labels for all your orders.

We are developing a new feature for a future release to ‘lock’ package sizes. With this feature, you will be able to specify a particular package size/type for products that require it. Posters requiring cardboard tubes, for example.

If an order contains multiple products, one or more of which had a locked packaging type, StoreFeeder will distribute the orders into packaging types accordingly, and produce the correct amount of labels.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: How to set up Packaging Sizes.

Increased number of rows on Stock Location file imports

To greater benefit our customers who maintain vast catalogues of products across multiple locations, we have increased the maximum number of rows that can be imported into StoreFeeder when importing your stock locations via spreadsheet.

Order flags via API

Our API functionality is becoming more popular, and we are continuing to bring in new functionality. You can now mark your orders as ‘Attention Required’, ‘Priority’, ‘IsPrime’, and add comments to your orders through the Update GetOrder functionality via API.

See our API documentation for more details.

Additional SMS status steps for Parcelforce integrations

We have added two new optional SMS status steps for Parelforce integrations: SMS Start of Delivery and SMS Pre-Delivery. These can send an SMS to your customer informing when the parcel is ready to be delivered, and when the delivery has begun.

To activate one of both of these steps, please contact our support team.

‘Warehouse Zone’ added to product additional information.

For accounts with multi-stock locations active

In the product ‘Additional Information’ tab, we have added a drop down menu for ‘Warehouse Zone’, so you can now see the exact location of the product when assigning a pickbin to it.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: Creating Stock Locations and Assigning Them To Products 

Bluepark Listings

For our customers who use Bluepark eCommerce software, EAN and Brand are now available fields for your listings. New brands will be created in StoreFeeder if they do not exist already.

That wraps up this release. Remember to use our UserVoice service to suggest any changes we could make to improve the service we provide you. Here at StoreFeeder, we pride ourselves on producing the best possible eCommerce solution for our customers, so please let us know what we can do for you.

StoreFeeder User Voice

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, Happy selling!

The StoreFeeder team


Published 4 Oct 2017 @ 08:15

StoreFeeder Sessions

We are proud to announce the dates and agenda for our first StoreFeeder event: StoreFeeder Sessions.

What is StoreFeeder Sessions?

This is a one day event for both new and established customers, and will feature seminars by eCommerce professionals on a variety of topics, and demonstrations on our features. The event is designed to help your business grow. There will also be  opportunities to receive face-to-face support and assistance with any aspect of StoreFeeder.

How do I apply?
If you haven’t done so already, please register your interest by emailing

There will be limited spaces for this event, so please let us know how many representatives from your business you would like to attend.

When will it take place?

The event will be held on 19th October. 

Doors will be open from 9:00am with the first talk will taking place at 9:45am. The event will finish at 5:30 pm.

What is the agenda?

We have a full day planned of talks, face-to-face support and developer slots, workshops, and opportunities to network.

Please note that times and speakers will be announced soon.

Session 1

Meet, Greet & Breakfast
Introduction to StoreFeeder Sessions
StoreFeeder Overview
Pricing Profiles & Translations
Refreshments Break

Session 2

PDAs, Multistock Locations & PrintNode
Lunch Break
Royal Mail
Consolidated Picking, Picker Performance & Reports
Pre-despatch & Xsellco

Session 3

Refreshments and Bar Break
StoreFeeder V3 & Roadmap

Where will the event be held?
The event will be held in the conference centre of the famous Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, in Nottingham, East Midlands.


Is there car parking available?
We have been allocated 70 secure parking spaces in the TBI Gate car park, and there will be marshals present to direct and assist.

Are there any hotels nearby?

If you require an overnight stay, the closest hotels are:

• Jurys Inn – Station St, Nottingham NG2 3BJ
• Premier Inn – London Rd, Nottingham NG2 4UU

Are breakfast and lunch available?
You may be pleased to know that breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge. Additionally, tea, coffee, snacks, and cakes will be provided throughout the day.
Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Can I book time with a developer or support representative? 

We have a total of 22 support slots, and 8 developer slots available for you to book. These will last for 20 minutes and will be allocated on a strict first come, first served basis.

Due to limited availability, we are only able to offer 1 slot (support or developer) to each business. If you would like an additional slot, please let us know. If there are additional slots or cancellations, we may be able to offer you an additional slot.

The support slots are the opportunity to receive training on any of our features, discuss your account, or receive assistance with any technical issues.

Developer slots are the opportunity to discuss technical ideas, offer suggestions, or to discuss new functionality for your account.

Please express via email if you would like a support slot, and which time slot you would prefer. Also,we ask if you could please include a brief explanation of the topics you would like to discuss or the assistance you would like to receive. This is so we can ensure that we have the right member of our team available for your individual requirements.

Please also note that support and developer time slots occur during the seminars.

Please choose your preferred slot from the following:


Available support and developer slots

Session 1

6 support slots 2 developer slots
Refreshments Break

Session 2

6 support slots 2 developer slots
Lunch Break
9 support slots 3 developer slot

Session 3

Refreshments and Bar Break
2 support slots 1 developer slot


We will be delighted to see you, for what we know will be a highly useful and informative day. Email to let us know to expect you.

Remember, this event will be first come, first served, so contact us today.


From all of us here at StoreFeeder, we look forward to seeing you.

Happy selling!


The StoreFeeder team


Published on: 29 Sep 2017 @ 11:06

Latest Updates – September edition part 2 (product, supplier, deliveries, and purchase order improvements)

This month, we have focused on adding greater degrees of customisation and flexibility to your StoreFeeder service.

We understand and celebrate how all of your businesses operate uniquely, and our intent is to make our service suit your needs. If you have any requests or suggestions, or if you think there is a way our service could benefit your business even better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Here are the improvements featured in our next update, scheduled for Wednesday 20th September.

Archived products

We have added two new options to improve the handling of archived products.

Firstly, should you wish for your product exports to display only your non-archived products, we have added the options to exclude any archived products from order exports. Product Overview and Product Import Export pages.

Secondly, should you wish to display both archived and non-archived products on the Manage Products grid, we have added the option to select ‘All’ when filtering for archived products.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: Archiving Products

Optional SKUs on DX courier integration labels

We have added an option to display your product SKUs on labels created for DX. To do so, a field has been added to ‘DX Integration Details’ pages.

If you wish for your SKUs to be displayed, type ‘true’ in this field:

Please note that there is a 60 character limit. Any SKUs longer than this will be truncated with an ellipsis.

Flexible Vat on Purchase Orders

We have improved the way tax rates are calculated when raising Purchase Orders. In the ‘Products added section,’ we have added an adjustable tax rate field.

By default, the value in the field is dependent on the particular supplier’s country for that product, and its associated tax rates.

There are however circumstances where the tax rate will differ, and now, you can adjust the tax rate and StoreFeeder will recalculate any values for you.

Individual tax codes can be set for each of your products, but in instances where no tax or country code is set, StoreFeeder will default the product tax rate on POs to 20%.

This functionality is now also available via API.

See here for all our API documentation.

Overstock warning when booking in deliveries

To improve your stock management, we have added a helpful warning icon to show when you have booked in more stock than is required.

You can find the icon on all Book Delivery pages:

Purchase Orders – Customisation of status for certain suppliers

We have added two new dropdown menus to the Purchase Order/ Drop Shipment Information section of the View Supplier page for each of your suppliers. These allow you to set the default status a purchase order or drop shipment will be in when it is sent to a particular supplier.

Purchase Order Change to Status: Change status of all purchase orders for that supplier.

Drop Shipment Change to Status: Change status of all drop shipments for that supplier.

If you leave these fields blank, StoreFeeder will use the status set against your email templates, as usual.

‘Hazardous’ and ‘Fragile’ product flags

To activate this feature, please contact our support team.

For when a product requires special care or attention, we have added hazardous and Fragile fields that can now be added added to the picking page and packing lists.

On the Products Overview pages under ‘Additional Information’, there are two check boxes you can use to denote the product as ‘Hazardous’ or ‘Fragile’.

When this option is enabled on your account, the flags will appear in two places in StoreFeeder.

In the ‘Outstanding Orders’ section of the Picking page, you can add ‘Hazardous’ and ‘Fragile’ as filterable columns.

This information will also appear as new columns on your Packing lists.

Should you require assistance with any of these features, please contact our support teams, or take a look at our extensive knowledgebases.

That’s all for this month’s updates. Keep your eye out for the next set of new features, and some upcoming special announcements.

From all of us here, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder team.


Published on: 18 Sep 2017 @ 16:17

Latest Updates – September Edition (Packaging max weight capacity, VAT customisation for eBay listings, APC Netdespatch multiple-labels)

As part of our ongoing efforts to make StoreFeeder the number one bespoke eCommerce solution, we are pleased to announce the first set of our September service updates. This time we have focused on adding more options for customising your order processing and packaging.

We will be announcing more functionality improvements in the run up to the Christmas period, so watch this space.

New features

The following are due for release on 06/09/17.

Packaging maximum weight capacity

Our newest feature has been designed with packing in mind. You are now able to specify a maximum weight for each of your packaging types. When your orders import, StoreFeeder will be able to factor the maximum weight capacity of each box into calculations for the number of packages required for each order, alongside the usual package dimensions. This way, you can be sure that no box will break as a result of product weight, and your packaging lists will be organised as efficiently as possible.

To input a maximum weight capacity, go to Settings > Shipping Configuration > Packaging Sizes and input data in the new column as shown:

For more information, see Knowledgebase: How to set up Packaging Sizes.



VAT Customisation for eBay listings

We have made a change to allow you to change the VAT rate for each of your individual eBay listings. Usually, the VAT rate would be set by the product, but a field has been added on the Listing Details page, so you can easily reset the VAT rate depending on the eBay store the listing is in.

Picking note

We have modified Picking Notes to accommodate longer pickbin names. Additional lines will now be created if the name exceeds a single line character limit.

APC Netdespatch labels

We now support multiple labels for orders despatched with APC Netdespatch.

When you manually adjust the number and type of packages on your orders, StoreFeeder will print the correct number of labels accordingly.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.


The StoreFeeder team


Published on: 4 Sep 2017 @ 11:22

Latest Updates – August Edition Part 2 (Magento V2 integration, archive shipping methods, improved admin permissions & more)

Our second set of updates this August will soon be released, and this time we have focused on improvements to existing features, along with the introduction of our newest webstore integration.

Each of our customer’s businesses are different, and we pride ourselves on the level of customisation and bespoke options we offer. Our updates are always developed to benefit our customers, often down to an individual level.

Here is a brief rundown of all of the updates due for release on August 23 – 2017.

New Integrations

Our webstore integration for Magento V2 is now live.

For details on how to integrate StoreFeeder with your Magento store, see:

Knowledgebase: How to Integrate with Magento V2.X

New Features

Archive old shipping methods

When you delete a Shipping method you no longer use, or have replaced, StoreFeeder will archive it now instead of deleting it.

Previously, any order still assigned to a deleted shipping method would display ‘Default Shipping Method’, but now the archived shipping method will be displayed. Furthermore, you will be able to select archived shipping methods when filtering your orders.

Improved admin permissions 

Depending on the size of your workforce, and the different roles within your company, sometimes it is necessary to refine StoreFeeder’s user Permissions. By request, we have added an additional level of user permissions so certain tasks can only be performed by admin users.

You can activate this feature by contacting our support team.

With the Improved Admin Permissions activated, the following processes will be limited to admin users:

  • Deleting Orders (single and bulk)
  • Exporting\Importing Order Information
  • Exporting\Importing Customer Information
  • Exporting\Importing Product Information (Bulk and On Screen)
  • Exporting\Importing Listing Information
  • All Reports

If a non-admin attempts to perform these tasks, a popup message will appear explaining the current user setting does not have sufficient permissions, and the user will need to speak to an admin.


Channel shipping method column

By request, we have added a channel shipping method column to the Orders Overview page. This will allow you to group together and filter by each shipping method chosen by your customers in-store, for ease of service selection.

This column is hidden by default, but can be switched on by using the filter icon, and checking the option.

New email trigger status: Assigned

We are including more ways to communicate with your customer base through StoreFeeder, and the new ‘Assigned’ status in your Company Identity Email Setting will send an email to your customers as soon as their orders have been placed in a pickwave, so they know their order is being picked and packed, ready to be shipped.

To active this, go to your Settings > Email Configuration > then in the Company Identity section click > Edit/View Email Settings, and use the email notification toggle switches.

This change would also require a new email template type of “Processing” so they can send out a different email in this case

For more information see Knowledgebase: Email Settings.

Product upload setting on new channel integrations

StoreFeeder has always been designed with our customers’ options in mind. As such, we have changed the setting that allows your listings to be uploaded to channel by default. This way, you can create new integrations at your own pace, secure that nothing will be uploaded to your channels without your confirmation.

You will need to turn the ‘Upload listings’ toggle back to ‘On’ when you are ready to activate your new integrations. It can be found in the ‘Stock Management’ section of each ‘Integration details’ page.

We are changing the ‘upload products’ default setting when you create a new channel integration. The setting will now to switched to off by default.

Remember to make use of our UserVoice service to make any suggestions for improvements, or to vote on other suggestions that apply to you and your business.

Our support team are always happy to answer your queries.

from all of us here at StoreFeeder, enjoy the rest of the summer, and happy retailing!

Publichsed 21 Aug 2017 @ 11:19

Magento V2 (coming soon) and Hermes Integrations

We are proud to announce that the next major integration update coming soon to StoreFeeder will be the newest version of the Magento eCommerce platform, Magento Version 2.

Magento is the premier open source eCommerce solution, and version 2 of their platform is designed for scalability, and contains a wider variety of business tools to assist with your analytics and boost revenue.


To familiarise yourself in advance with the integration process, see this knowledgebase:

How to Integrate with Magento V2

Due for release September 2017

We have another new courier integration available in StoreFeeder for Business to Business (B2B) Services: Hermes.

Hermes is one of the UK’s largest courier companies, used by many online retailers such as Next Directory, ASOS, Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams, Arcadia Group and ASDA. 


For a guide on how to integrate your Hermes account with StoreFeeder, see this knowledgebase:

How to Integrate with Hermes

Available now


Latest Updates: August Edition (DX Courier integration, eBay Best Offers, Amazon Prime order flag, plus more)

As part of our August updates, we are proud to announce a new integration, and several new additions and improvements to our service.

Further details can be found in our accompanying knowledgebases.

New Integration

We are pleased to announce our newest courier integration: DX.

We now fully support DX Business to Business services. To integrate your DX account to StoreFeeder, see this guide:

Knowledgebase: How to Integrate DX


New Features

eBay Best Offers

We now offer support for ‘Best Offers’ on your eBay listings. As part of your payments and default values, you can set your min and max prices

To enable best offers, go to the ‘Payments and handling’ tab of an eBay listing, and you will be able to toggle Best Offers, choosing the minimum best offer price to set on your listings. Only accepted offers will be downloaded into StoreFeeder.

You can also set a Best Offer Auto Accept Price, so when a customer makes a best offer of that price or higher, the order will be automatically accepted.

Don’t forget to check the values you have for your existing eBay listings.

Supplier due dates

We have added the option to set a lead time for each of your suppliers in order to calculate due dates for purchase orders.

You can find this option on the ‘Edit/View supplier’ page, enter a number of days, and this will automatically adjust the due date on any PO raised for this supplier by that number of days.

If no value is set, it will default to one day.


Additions and Improvements

Amazon Prime Orders

StoreFeeder now supports Amazon Prime orders across many of our features and pages.

When an Amazon Prime order is imported into StoreFeeder, it will now be flagged as such. You can filter for your Amazon prime orders in the Orders Overview and Picking pages.

Additionally, you can now include Amazon Prime orders as a criterion for Shipping Rules.

Preserve Sales setting for eBay listings

We have added an option for your eBay listings, which will prevent any updates except for inventory levels being made to eBay listings that are currently part of an active sale.

The Save and Upload button on the Listing Details pages will be hidden while this setting is switched on, and the listing is part of an active sale.

You can find the toggle in your eBay integration settings:

CSV Order Import: New Company fields

We have added 2 new fields that can be mapped when uploading your orders, Billing Company and Shipping Company.

When you import an order with these fields mapped, the billing and shipping address company names will be visible in shipping and billing address details.

Change calculator for offline payments

When you create a new order with an offline payment, we have added a handy change calculator.

When an amount is typed into the Cash received field, the change to give to the customer will be automatically calculated.

Alternate PayPal Email Address for eBay Listings

For our customers who utilise different transaction rates offered on different PayPal accounts, we have added the option to override the email address associated with particular eBay listings in StoreFeeder.

We have added a PayPal Email Override options to:

  • The eBay Listing Import Export page
  • The ‘eBay Settings’ tab on any eBay listing
  • On the Payment Settings

By using any of these options, you can control the PayPal account you wish to use for each of your listings.

Create New Products in Mirakl Marketplace from StoreFeeder

Where previously you could only create Mirakl listings for existing product EANs, we have built in the functionality to create listings for wholly new products.

A new ‘Edit’ option has been added to Mirakl listings where you can input images, attributes, and product descriptions, before saving your listing and uploading it to channel ready for internal approval.

For information on this feature, and how to integrate your Mirakl store, see

Knowledgebase: Create a new Mirakl product from StoreFeeder

Knowledgebase: How to Integrate with Mirakl


If you have any further suggestions for improvements, or suggestions as to how we can sever your business even better, let us know by visiting our User Voice service.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, we wish you an enjoyable and productive remaining few weeks of Summer. Look out for our next set of updates at the end of this month. Happy selling!


Published on: 8 Aug 2017 @ 11:34

Latest Updates: July Edition Part 2 (Improvements to Splitting Orders, Purchase Order Settings,

This month, we have focused on providing additional options and enhancements to our existing features to further speed up the processing of your orders.

Here is the list of new features and service improvements that will be included in our latest release scheduled for 26/07/17 AM.

New features

Kit Products – Splitting Out of Stock Orders

We have revised the way that the splitting of kit products is handled in StoreFeeder.

There may be occasions where stock runs low on component products that form part of a kit. Depending on how you handle stock that is part of a kit or bundle, you may wish either to allow the products within a kit to be sold separately, or have StoreFeeder wait for the out of stock products to be replenished before the products can be sold again.

As such, we are now offering you a choice on how we handle the splitting of your orders containing kit products, depending on the ‘Display kit product on order?’ toggle on the ‘Additions and swaps’ tab on your product information.

When this toggle is set to ‘yes’, the kit product will always be displayed on any orders, not just the component parts of the kit product. This setting will not allow the kit products to be split into a new order if any or all of the component products are out of stock. The kit would have to be restocked before the component products could be split.

If you want to be able to split the kit to sell the component products separately, set the toggle to ‘no’.

Knowledgebase : How to Create a Kit Product

Knowledgebase: Splitting Out of Stock Orders



Specify order numbers and channel references on ParcelForce labels

If you use ParcelForce, channel order reference numbers can now be added to your ParcelForce labels instead of the StoreFeeder order number.

Should you wish this feature to be activated on your account, please contact our support team.

Purchase Order Requisitions 

When raising your purchase orders, there may be particular suppliers you only order from very occasionally, so to further speed up your order processing, we have added the option to exclude particular suppliers from the Purchase Order Requisitions feature.

There is a toggle on the ‘Products’>’Suppliers’>’Edit Supplier’ page, which will allow you to exclude a particular supplier by flicking the toggle to ‘Off’.

Advanced variant settings for Amazon listings

For some products, particularly items of clothing, we have added new fields for variant information you may require on your listings. If you sell clothing, for example, fields for variants such as such as Inseam length and Waist Size are now supported.

Knowledgebase: Advanced Variant Settings for Amazon Listings

Rest API Improvements

By request, you can now make updates to product suppliers (inventory, price, etc) using the supplier SKU and supplier ID.

For more information, see our API Documentation

Fulfilled By Amazon Order Notifications

So you never miss your high-priority orders, should a Fulfilled by Amazon order fail to create for any reason, email notifications will now be automatically sent to your account administrators.

Cost Price added to Packing Sizes

We have added a ‘Packaging Cost’ additional column in your Settings > Shipping configuration > Packaging Sizes. This is so the cost of your packaging can be taken into account when calculating your order costs and profits.

If you have any further suggestions or comments, please use our UserVoice service at:

Your suggestions and comments are of paramount importance to us, as many of our new features come directly from your requests. Our motto is ‘Sell more, work less,’ and so if there is a way we can offer an even better service for your business, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Keep an eye out for our next major release in August.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.


The StoreFeeder team


Published on: 24 Jul 2017 @ 17:07

Latest Updates: July Edition (Reassign Pickers, Consolidated Picking, Bulk Shipping Method Update, Functionality Improvements)

July has been a busy month so far here at StoreFeeder. Here is the roundup of our newest updates including three significant new features, a host of general functionality improvements, and further enhancements to the capability of the rest API.

The updates below are scheduled for release on 12/07/17

New Features

Reassign orders to alternative pickers

For a variety of scenarios, it may be necessary to reassign orders in a pickwave to a different picker. There may be next day delivery items which require special attention, or a large pickwave may need splitting up for quicker completion.

You can now reassign orders from the ‘Edit Pickwave’ page. Use the check boxes to select the orders you require, and select the new picker from the drop down menu. If you select all orders, you will assign a new picker to the whole pickwave, and if you select some, those orders will be moved into a new pickwave.

Knowledgebase: Reassign Pickers.

Consolidated picking – Product images now included on picking/packing lists

Consolidated Picking is a time-saving feature that allows your orders to be split across totes ready for quicker and more efficient picking and packing. With this feature, you can choose to consolidate your picking by pickwave or individual orders.

With this feature activated, your packing lists will display a list of products needed, and their images, rather than a list of orders.

For more information on how to activate and operate this feature, see: Knowledgebase: Consolidated Picking in StoreFeeder

Knowledgebase: Adjusting your Stock Locations (Multi Stock Locations)

Bulk update shipping method

For sometimes unavoidable scenarios where you may miss one courier’s postage deadline, we have introduced the option to quickly reassign the orders to a different shipping service.

On the ‘Orders overview’ page, check the boxes by the orders that you have not yet marked as despatched, and select Alter shipping method from the drop down menu.

Knowledgebase: Bulk update shipping method



Quick despatch for pickwaves

We have added the option to perform a quick despatch for any of your pickwaves from the ‘Open Pickwaves’ page in addition to the ‘Overview’ page.

Log user details when orders are marked as despatched

By popular request, the user(s) who picked, packed, and despatched your products will be displayed on your edit order pages. Each order will have a designated picker and designated packer.


Fulfilled by Amazon orders

So that you do not miss your FBA orders, and so they are included in your reporting, we will now download in all of your FBA orders regardless of their order status.

eBay order import

For all new eBay integrations, we have reduced the age limit of eBay orders in ‘awaiting payment’ status that we import into StoreFeeder from 20 days, to 10 days. This is to prevent orders that have already been fully processed (before our new customers joined) us from importing into StoreFeeder.

Once the integration is over 10 days, we will revert back to our previous 20 day limit to ensure that orders with delayed payment (PayPal e-cheques for example) are picked up and imported.

eBay shipping methods

On the ‘shipping’ tab of your ebay listings pages, a priority field has been added so that your shipping methods reflect the order they are displayed in your ebay marketplace.

MOTO (Phone order entry) page

We have added the option to select and change Channel for phone orders, and have added an additional column for EAN bar-code numbers.

New Delivery exception order status

By request, we have added a Delivery exception order status, usable if for some reason your customer did not receive their package. This order status will automatically be assigned when returning the order for the reason ‘Not received’.

Scanned product barcodes 

When using barcode picking, pickers can now scan the EAN, UPC, SKU, or any additional ‘product scanned barcode’ number and this will match to, and be stored alongside your product data.

Order Bulk Update

We have now alphabetised the order bulk update drop down box. Please ensure you choose the correct option, as they may not be in exactly the same place in the list as before.

ParcelForce labels – special order instructions

We now allow the use of all 4 special instruction fields for special order instructions.

If you have requested the option to display SKUs on labels, one or more of these fields will be taken by the SKUs, otherwise the special instructions will be spread across the 4 available fields.

Note that these fields have a 25 character limit.


Reports Enhancements

Despatched by Courier report

A column for Average weight of order has been added

Top Selling Parent Products report

A SoldLast60 Days column has been added, and we have made all of the SoldLastX Days columns optional. They are now hidden by default, but you can choose to display them using the filter icon.

Refunds Summary report

A Productscannedbarcode field has been added.


Rest API improvements

We have added several new functions to the rest API

  • Create and update products
  • Get, Create, update, and delete product categories
  • Get, create, update, delete Custom Attributes
  • Get packaging sizes
  • Adding currency code to the create orders endpoint

For more information, see our API Documentation


If you haven’t already seen, we are planning to host one or two workshop events where our clients can meet our team, receive training, and keep up to date on the newest features and developments. We would love your feedback in order to make the events as successful as possible.

StoreFeeder Workshop Event – Have your say

Keep an eye out for further updates from StoreFeeder, and from all of us here, happy selling.

Published on: 11 Jul 2017 @ 13:54

StoreFeeder Workshop Event – Have your say

We would like to invite you all to share in an exciting opportunity with us. In the last few years, our business and yours have grown exponentially together, and to further develop the relationship we have with our clients, we are planning to hold one or two workshop events in the coming months.

The purpose of these would be:

  • To give you an opportunity to meet some of our team
  • To participate in Q&A sessions
  • To demo our new features and to provide additional training on existing ones
  • To introduce prospective new clients to StoreFeeder
  • For us to better understand the needs of your businesses, and tailor the future development of StoreFeeder accordingly
  • To detail the roadmap for our future development

If you are interested, please take a few moments to answer some questions, and email your response to

  1. How many people from your company would you like to attend?
  2. How far would you be willing to travel? StoreFeeder is based in the Midlands, so is a location in the Midlands convenient for you, or would two smaller events in both the north and south be more ideal?
  3. Is there any particular training you would like to receive, or any further assistance we can offer?
  4. Are there any special requirements we should be aware of?

Please include any additional information or suggestions.

We ask that you respond as quickly as possible, as the earlier you register your interest, the higher your chance of securing a place at the event. We will be sending out invites as soon as we can.


We look forward to meeting you.


The StoreFeeder team

Published on: 4 Jul 2017 @ 09:59