Latest Release Updates: April 2018

We’ve had another busy 3 weeks here at StoreFeeder. This release has focused mainly on behind the scenes developments in preparation for V3 of StoreFeeder, on improvements to the StoreFeeder Rest API and work to improve the StoreFeeder App which is used in conjunction with our PDA’s on the WMS, so you may not spot too many changes following this release.

There are a few things to look out for though

Improvements to Shipping Rules

With delivery companies collecting from you premises at different times during the day, you may now use the shipping rules to factor in the time and day of the order and assign a shipping method for a service that has not yet been collected by the carrier.

This enhancement will be very useful where users wish to utilise Saturday deliveries for all orders that come in on a Friday for example.

Improved Reporting on Top Selling Products

We have now added “Sold in Last 7 Days” as a filterable option on the Top Selling Products section on the dashboard

If a product is selling well or you have a promotion running, you need to react quickly to order more stock, so the Sold in Last 7 days will give you a live view of what is selling well in the past week


Lastly, StoreFeeder were at the Internet Retailing Expo 2018 at the NEC late last month. We had a great time meeting existing and new customers alike. Here is a picture of the team on the stand!


As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

Latest Release Updates: March 2018

We’ve had another busy 3 weeks here at StoreFeeder. This release is focused on improving visibility of information and changes on Orders, Listings and Purchase Orders, and our Shipping integration’s


StoreFeeder are pleased to announce a brand new shipping integration offering even better shipping solutions for our customers

We can now integrate with APC










If you would like to integrate with APC, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help

We are also working closely with DHL to have a direct integration, so keep your eyes open for details of this going live soon





Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime – Royal Mail Labels

If you are eligible for Seller Fulfilled Prime, you may be aware now that you must purchase your Royal Mail Tracked labels through Amazon.

StoreFeeder now has the functionality to request Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 labels through Amazon, once you have gone through the setup and approval process with them.

This function supports both Standard and Signed Royal Mail Tracked services







Again, for assistance with setting this up, please contact the Support Team


Amazon Prime Pickwave Generation

To aid you in setting up your Seller Fulfilled Prime pickwaves we have now introduced a new column on the pickwave creation screen.  This optional column is hidden by default and can be added by using the spanner button on the pickwave screen.  It will allow you to filter on Prime, Not Prime or All orders.


Information Enhancements and Audit Trails

We are always being asked for better information about changes made within StoreFeeder by your staff members, so our team have been busy making more detail. Initially this upgrade is available to Enterprise level customers only or as a chargeable add on for our Banquet customers

We have added the following enhancements:

Improved Audit Trail on orders – This now includes changes to shipping method and address changes.

Purchase Order and Deliveries Log – See who booked in what stock and when on the Purchase Order

Mapping on Listings – See who mapped the listing to the product and when they did it

These great new features will provide even more information to our customers about who is doing what within the software

If you want to find out more about this or if you want to add this to your Banquet Package now, please contact Support Team who will be happy to help you.


As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

Come and see us at IRX 2018

The 21st and 22nd March sees the UK’s largest Multi Channel Event, Internet Retailing Expo return the the NEC in Birmingham and StoreFeeder will be there!!








We will be there speaking to people about StoreFeeder and giving demonstrations of our brand new PDA’s with the WMS functions!

Come along to Stand D51 and say hello as we also have some freebies to give away!!

We look forward to seeing you there

For more information on the event visit

The StoreFeeder Team

Latest Updates: January Edition

We hope you all had a good and productive Christmas and New Year.

Here at StoreFeeder we’ve been busy adding some great new features we think will be a great help for our customers

New features

The following are due for release on 10/01/18.

Tracked Returns

Our newest feature is something we’ve been asked about by a lot of you and it’s now possible to generate tracked returns labels from within StoreFeeder using your Direct Royal Mail courier integration.  Orders don’t have to have been sent out be Royal Mail to be applicable they just need to have been manifested if Royal Mail or Despatched for other couriers.

To generate a tracked return label for an order all you need do is go to the “Order Shipping” tab of the order and click “Get Returns Label”

Your label will be then be generated. From here you will have multiple options of how to handle the label. You can save this to your device and send it via email directly to your customer, or you can print a tracked label to send with your order, so your customer will have the paperwork already prepared should they need to return the product to you.

For more information, see Knowledgebase: How to Generate Tracked Returns Labels.

Editing Purchase Orders

We understand that sometimes when making Purchase Orders that your suppliers prices and tax rate may change between the time that you make the order and the time that you get the goods.  We now allow you to amend these values if you are an Admin on your account.  While logged in as an admin user, the edit purchase order page will have a button labelled “Amend Purchase Order,” which will re-enable the ordered products grid when clicked, and allow updates to the purchase order. The totals will be recalculated on save.

Added a higher resolution preview for images

We have been told by some of our customers that it can be hard to tell variants images apart when mapping them up from the image thumbnails.  On the product and listing pages if you now hover over the image a larger high resolution popup will appear to make this much easier for you.

Email customer an invoice from the order page

To save you time we have now added the ability to email the customer directly from the order page.  You will need to create an “Invoice Email” template and ensure that invoice is the attachment.  Then when you click the “Email Invoice” button on the order page, the standard email window will pop up with all details pre-populated and you can amend if required


FBA Indicator on Listings

To make it easier to determine which of your variants have been set to FBA we have added a new column to the variant table so now you don’t have to go into the cog to check

Update multiple rows on the order lines

To make it easier to update multiple order lines we have now added an “Update Multiple” bulk action.  Rather than having to update each line separately and click the update link you can now update as many as you need to and if you tick the box on the left and side you can choose “Update Multiple” from the dropdown and hit confirm.  This will make all of the updates in a single step with should save you a lot of time.

Add all Product Notes fields to Product export

We have now added the ability to import and export product notes. This will allow you to set things like despatch notes in bulk for all of your products.  You can do this by following exactly the same process as any other product import export

Knowledgebase: How to use the Product Import/Export Feature

If you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder team


Multi-Select Filters Extended!!



Last month we released a great new feature on the picking page that allowed multiple values to be selected fro the drop down menus on the grid.

Well, this proved so popular and useful to our customers that we have rolled this out onto ALL grids throughout StoreFeeder. Multi1

So now on the Orders page and the Products page, you can filter your views even more precisely using the multi-select filters.


The StoreFeeder Team

Latest updates to StoreFeeder

Today saw the latest round of upgrades and new feature releases to StoreFeeder, so here is a brief overview of some of the main changes that are now live within the software

NEW – Multi-Select Filters on Grids

A new type of filter has been added to the grids used in StoreFeeder to display tabulated information.This filter allows you to select multiple values at once rather than being limited to filter just based on a single value.

Currently this has only been implemented on the Outstanding Orders grid on the Picking page, but we’re planning to roll it out to other grids in the coming weeks.

UPGRADE – Shipping Rules – Criteria Weighting

We’ve added an advanced option to Shipping Rules which allows you make some of the criteria in your rules more important when StoreFeeder is deciding which rule to apply.

This new feature is totally optional, and if you choose not to use it then your Shipping Rules will continue to function exactly as before.

For more information about this new feature please see the Knowledge Base article by clicking here

NEW – Redownload Orders

The ‘Delete’ button for external orders (i.e. orders that have downloaded from channel, rather than orders created in StoreFeeder) has been re-labelled to ‘Redownload’.  This is to help make it clearer that clicking that button will cause the order to be deleted from StoreFeeder, but that it will redownload into StoreFeeder, provided that the order still exists on channel, hasn’t been despatched on channel and that the order is less than 7 days old

So, there you go, a roundup of the main upgrades and new features from the latest software release.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with any of these, please contact the StoreFeeder Support Team who will be happy to help you


The StoreFeeder Team

StoreFeeder in under 10 minutes….

Our Head of Sales, Karl Ciz, has been busy!!

He has produced a short, 10 minute video clip showing all the great features StoreFeeder can offer. No idea how he crammed all the great features and tools into a 10 minute video, but he did!!

So make a hot drink and take 10 minutes to watch the video and find discover the key concepts and features StoreFeeder offers.

Of course, if you want to see more detail, get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions or give you a fuller demo of the software.

Happy viewing!

The StoreFeeder Team

Exciting changes to Shipping Rules

Our eagle eyed users may have noticed some changes to our Shipping Rules page, including a great new feature called the Shipping Rule Tester.

Improvements to Shipping Rules – Some changes to our Shipping Rules section include being able to apply Specificity and Priority to shipping rules:

Specificity – A measure of how specific the Shipping Rule is.  This is determined by how many criteria you have explicitly set it the Shipping Rule rather than leaving as All/No Min/No Max.  When more than one Shipping Rule could apply to an Order the Rule with the highest Specificity will apply.

Priority – A value between 1 and 99 (or optionally left blank), which indicates which Shipping Rule should take priority if two Rules apply to an order and are equally specific.  1 is the highest priority and 99 is the lowest.  If left blank the priority is considered to be less than 99.

A knowledge base for the new shipping rules section can be found here

Our NEW Shipping Rules Tester – After a suggestion on User Voice, we have made the shipping rule tester live for all users. Previously only an internal tool, all users can now check how changes to your shipping rules will affect your orders.

1a1aThe Shipping Rules Tester page gives you the opportunity to test your shipping rules to see how they perform under different circumstances. The page aims to make it more transparent how the shipping rules are used to against your orders.

The Tester allows you to see ALL valid shipping rules for an order and which one of those valid shipping rules would ‘win’ and be applied to the order. Optionally you can also see a full comparison of that order against ALL of your Shipping Rules, with a breakdown of how each criteria compared to the order.

A knowledge base for the new shipping rules tester can be found here

Coming Soon!! – More upgrades to the Shipping Rules!

What if you think that one criteria in the rule is more important than the others?  Maybe Channel Shipping Method is a pretty big deal and should be worth more than the other criteria? You want the shipping method to reflect that, right? That’s why we’re adding weightings.

It’s basically a way of saying, when you count up how specific my rule is I want you to treat these criteria as more/less important than the others.

This great new functionality will make Shipping Rules even more accurate when allocating shipping methods to your orders

StoreFeeder – User Voice Updates

Some great suggestions have been coming in on User Voice and we have been listening and busy implementing some of the ideas into the latest software update releases alongside the StoreFeeder led developments.






Latest Releases

Here are just a few of the latest updates that are now live on StoreFeeder thanks to User Voice suggestions:

WooCommerce – We now have a WooCommerce integration. This ecommerce platform is growing in popularity so we have made it easier for customers to now integrate. See the user voice suggestion here

Full logging of all inventory changes for products – If you go to an individual product and click on ‘Adjustments’ tab, you will now see a full audit trail for the product which now not only shows manual adjustments, but includes all orders, cancellations, goods in activity and returns. You can also filter these adjustments using the ‘Category’ filter, so you can quickly filter types of inventory changes. See the user voice suggestion here

Remove Order from a Pick Wave – You will see the new ‘Remove Pickwave’ button in the top right of the screen on the edit order page and clicking this when the order is assigned to a pick wave will remove the order from that pick wave and return its status to ‘Complete – Ready to Pick’. See the user voice suggestion here

For more information on any of these latest releases, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.

Recent Suggestions – Vote now!

As you can see, making suggestions and voting on User Voice really works!! Here are just a few of the great new ideas that have been submitted recently. If you feel any of these suggestions would benefit you, please go to User Voice and vote!

Add an option to duplicate orders – Would it be useful to be able to duplicate an existing order with the click of a button? Vote here

The ability to save a draft listing for completion and upload to channel later – Would you find it useful to be able to save a listing you are creating so you can come back to it, complete or amend it and upload it later? Vote here

Suggestions currently under review

Here are just a few of the recent User Voice suggestions that we are currently reviewing:

Cancel an order and +1 or -1 from Inventory – The option that after an order is cancelled to be able to select whether to add inventory back to stock or prevent it being added to stock

Record of when and who amended a listing or product – We already record user amendments to orders but users think it would be useful to also record the person that amended a listing or a product

Delete old channels from StoreFeeder – If you have a channel that you no longer use, would it be useful to be able to delete the integration rather than just turn it off? This functionality is available to StoreFeeder Support Staff and we are considering if it is viable to roll this out to Admin Users

Thanks again for all your suggestions, please keep them coming!! StoreFeeder users come up with great suggestions and every idea is looked at. If you like an idea, vote! When ideas gain support, we listen and see if it is possible.

Look out for more updates next month!

The StoreFeeder Team

eBay Giving Works

Many of you will have seen eBay listings that contain a charity link. This charity link allows you to donate all or a percentage of your sale to charity through the eBay listing.

We were recently approached by a couple of our clients to see if it was possible to add a charity donation to some of their listings and who were we to turn down such a kind gesture!!

So our team have been working away and we can now offer customers the ability to have a charitable donation on their listings if they wish to do so through the eBay ‘Giving Works’ scheme for sellers.

You have full control, you can select the listings you wish this to apply to, the % of sale you wish to donate and, of course, which charity you wish to donate to.

There are over 30,000 charities worldwide currently available to donate to through the eBay ‘Giving Works’ scheme, which has raised in excess of $85 million for good causes around the world.

So if you are interested in adding this to selected listings and donating to charity through your sales, then contact the StoreFeeder team and they will set your selected charities up on your account and talk you through the listing process.

For more information on the eBay Giving Works scheme for sellers, click here or to download the eBay Giving Works guide, click here