StoreFeeder Workshop Event – Have your say

We would like to invite you all to share in an exciting opportunity with us. In the last few years, our business and yours have grown exponentially together, and to further develop the relationship we have with our clients, we are planning to hold one or two workshop events in the coming months.

The purpose of these would be:

  • To give you an opportunity to meet some of our team
  • To participate in Q&A sessions
  • To demo our new features and to provide additional training on existing ones
  • To introduce prospective new clients to StoreFeeder
  • For us to better understand the needs of your businesses, and tailor the future development of StoreFeeder accordingly
  • To detail the roadmap for our future development

If you are interested, please take a few moments to answer some questions, and email your response to

  1. How many people from your company would you like to attend?
  2. How far would you be willing to travel? StoreFeeder is based in the Midlands, so is a location in the Midlands convenient for you, or would two smaller events in both the north and south be more ideal?
  3. Is there any particular training you would like to receive, or any further assistance we can offer?
  4. Are there any special requirements we should be aware of?

Please include any additional information or suggestions.

We ask that you respond as quickly as possible, as the earlier you register your interest, the higher your chance of securing a place at the event. We will be sending out invites as soon as we can.


We look forward to meeting you.


The StoreFeeder team

Published on: 4 Jul 2017 @ 09:59

Managing Stock across Multiple Warehouses

Many of our clients have fulfilment warehouses in multiple countries around the world, in many instances it makes sense to have the product stored, processed and distributed from the country the order is placed in.

However, as a business owner, the challenge of knowing your worldwide inventory levels for a particular product is a complex one and can involve multiple logins to multiple stock systems and by the very nature of the setup, will never be a true live picture.

StoreFeeder can offer a solution that provides the ability to see exactly what your total worldwide inventory level is as well as the quantity available in each fulfilment centre in each country.

StoreFeeder was built on the principle that variation products are products in their own right, this allows you to list variation products i.e. a red t-shirt in Size M as either part of a variation listing on channel (Red T-Shirt available in S,M,L & XL), or as a individual product listing on channel (Red T-Shirt Size M). So, as each variation is a product in its own right, you can have a country or warehouse location as a variation.

So a product that is sold in, for example, the UK, Germany and Australia should be set up as a variation product as normal, and then each fulfilment centre around the world is set up as a variation product.

This means that when you are viewing the product in StoreFeeder you will be able to see the total worldwide stock level at master product level, but drilling down into the product will show the stock levels available at each worldwide location. Simple!!

In our example product here, you will see that the product has 3 different warehouse locations and the worldwide inventory level for the product is 23, made up of 10 units in the UK, 5 in Germany and 8 in Australia

And because each variation is a product in its own right, you can list just the Australian held stock on your Australian channels, just your UK stock on your UK channels and so on.

You will see that there are 10 units available on the eBay UK listing which matches the 10 units showing in the UK warehouse on the variation listing in StoreFeeder

And the good news continues, because of the way StoreFeeder handles stock and different warehouses, only orders ordered on Australian channels will be exported via FTP to the Australian fulfilment house, or they can process the orders through StoreFeeder with appropriate restriction settings so they only see the orders that are for them.

Each variant can also have different suppliers as well, so if your source the Australian version in Australia and the UK version in the UK, then StoreFeeder can also handle this.

So, if you have warehouses in multiple countries and need an effective inventory management solution, give our team a call and we will be happy to talk you through the options and methodology.

“Design and Automation” – Key elements of success in multi-channel retailing

The trick to Multi-Channel retailing, sometimes known as Omni-Channel selling, is to combine extended “reach” with high conversion rates where-ever possible.

A recent survey of our customers showed a keen desire to promote items on as many marketplaces as possible, but also that the seller’s brand should be promoted, ensuring high levels of sales through customer confidence and repeat custom wherever possible.

So StoreFeeder have teamed up with Frooition to bring you a fantastic set of world-leading “Design and Automation” bundles designed to extend your reach out into new marketplaces whilst ensuring the client is impressed by the look and feel of your product listings and therefore is more likely to buy your product and repeat purchase in future.

It can be difficult to identify quality partners in the multi-channel world so these new bundles will also take the worry out of this process for you. Combining Frooition’s world-class design services with StoreFeeder’s superb multi-channel tools you’ll be trading efficiently with great conversion rates in no time!

With high-end listing tools for most major marketplaces, re-pricers, stock control and order processing all thrown in, clients can quickly distribute core website inventory over to eBay, Amazon and Play amongst others, and with a beautiful listing template which has dynamic cross promotion, key info tabs and stunning design, the world is your oyster.

Check out the “Design & Automation” deals here

The evolution of StoreFeeder


Some of our clients may already be aware of how StoreFeeder was conceived, so to speak. We were born from a basic warehouse management system built for our sister company (we share premises), UK Fulfilment.


The original online warehouse management system was conceived in the mid 1990’s and was very basic and crude, but allowed our clients to login and place orders for their stock online for us to deliver to the customer.

This ran for many years and ran the warehouse activities for many hig profile clients in conjuction with telephone and mail orders.

In the mid 2000’s this system evolved again to include an API link to the clients website which meant orders would come directly into our system when an order was received. This may seem the norm now but back then this was high tech!

It was around 2009 when the initial concept of StoreFeeder beagn to emerge and we explored the possibility of linking eBay and Amazon accounts as well as the clients websites.

And there you have it! 2 upgrades later and here we are with StoreFeeder V2 which is virtually unrecognisable from the basic 1990’s software on which the concept was born. The only recognisable aspect of the software is that it still manages the warehouse for UK Fulfilment and its clients.

Not many pieces of software can claim that they actually use the software themselves, but we can, our own software runs our own warehouse.

For more information on UK Fulfilment and the services that they offer, visit their webiste at or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


Multi-channel Retailing is not just for Christmas

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is very nearly here!

It’s a busy time of year for retailers, and every year more and more consumers turn to the Internet to do their Christmas shopping, myself included. If I can avoid busy car parks, large crowds of slow moving shoppers and long queues at the tills then I’m game. What’s more consumers are noticing that buying online often means discounted prices when compared to the highstreet, a trend that pushes retail into ‘pre-Christmas sales’. It’s mayhem out there. Continue reading