Latest Release Updates – 25th March 2019

Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post.

Crikey, another one! I’d barely finished typing the last update when I found out that there were going to be more updates and fixes within the week.

Also, a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend. If you’re not prepared, make sure you are after reading this post. You can thank me later!

As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released this month, the highlights of which are below:

DX integration update

Previously our DX integration only provided support for business to business services. We’ve now added support for DX Secure so that you can use your B2C services and create labels with them, all within StoreFeeder.

DX Secure services are account specific so we do require a bit of work on our user’s end in order for the integration to work. You’ll notice there is a new option on your DX Integration Overview page under “Additional Actions”. You can use the button “Download Account Services” to import your account specific DX Secure courier services in to StoreFeeder.

Once imported, the DX Secure services should appear under your shipping methods!

For further information on setting up your DX integration, please see our helpful knowledge base here – 01. How to integrate with DX.

ParcelForce Sunday service code

Excellent news, you can now select the ParcelForce SCDP (Sunday Express 24 hour) service code for use on StoreFeeder.

You can find the code on the service code drop down box under “Shipping Method Details” on your selected shipping method for ParcelForce Sunday Service as shown in the picture below.

WooCommerce shipping class & product description fixes

A couple of useful fixes for our WooCommerce integration this week.

Firstly, a product’s Shipping Class will now be imported along with the rest of the listing/product details, this did not appear to be imported originally.

Also, there has been a slight change to the short description field. Originally on StoreFeeder we set a limit of signs/symbols that could be included in WooCommerce listing short descriptions. This has now been lifted as this limit does not exist on WooCommerce. If any of your listings were affected by this issue and only imported part of their short description, you can redownload them to import the missing portion if you so wish.

Stock Location column added to adjustment report

One for our Multi-Stock Location users.

Previously, our adjustments report had all the information about a stock adjustment made but was missing a significant detail – where the adjustment has been made.

To remedy this we have added a “Stock Location” column to the adjustments report that will allow you to easily see where the adjustment has been made (If you do not have Multi-Stock Locations enabled on your account, this column simply wont appear).


There’s been some great new features and fixes implemented this release and we hope you find them useful in one way or another.

As always we’ll keep working hard to provide you with the best service we can.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

Latest Updates: November Edition (Paper-free Invoices, Print Assist & more)

This month our developers have been hard at work building in improvements to our service, and performing maintenance to help keep StoreFeeder running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

This include refinements in our code and processes in preparation for the next feature releases in the new year. Keep an eye on the blog and user messages for further updates as they come.

Here are the feature and service improvements due for release Wednesday 15th November.

New Features

Paper-free Invoices

We have added a new section to the Email templates page allowing you to create fully customisable email invoices as an alternative to paper itext invoices.

There is now a section for ‘Loop Tokens’. Each of these represents a different field on the order line. Combine these with text to create your personalised email invoices.

For more information on email templates, see this knowledgebase: Creating an Email Template

Packer productivity report

By popular demand, we will be releasing some of the new reporting first demoed to customers who attended our StoreFeeder sessions event in October.

You find this report in ‘Reports’>’Products’, and it will provide statistics on average despatch times, average orders per despatch, and average order totals per team, or per individual packer.

The Packer Productivity report will be available for all customers who already have Picker Productivity reports enabled.

Print Assist reminder

We have had great success with our Print Assist feature, which allows for instant and automatic document printing in StoreFeeder.

This is an account specific feature, so please contact our support teams if you wish to discuss adding Print Assist to your account.

For more information, see our knowledgebases on how to install and set up the client, and how to enable and use Print Assist.

New Improvements

Royal Mail special delivery instructions

There is now a toggle to choose whether to print special delivery instructions your Royal Mail labels. This setting can be found on any of your Royal Mail ‘Edit/View Integration’  pages.

In the Courier API Settings section, type ‘true’ in the Show Special Instructions field if you wish for your special instructions to be printed on the label, or type ‘false’ or leave the field blank if you do not.

For more information on setting up your direct Royal Mail integration, see this knowledgebase: Setting up a Royal Mail Direct Integration

Hazardous goods information

We have added an additional ‘Hazardous goods information’ section to the ‘Product additional informationtab, for when a product requires special care or attention.

Included is a checkbox to mark your product as hazardous, and fields to enter additional codes and information.

For our customers who ship with Parcelforce, this information will appear on your printed labels

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can continue to improve your StoreFeeder service, please do let us know. Your feedback is highly valued, and informs the development of new features and improvements.


From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy retailing.


The StoreFeeder team.


Published on: 14 Nov 2017 @ 16:37

StoreFeeder Workshop Event – Have your say

We would like to invite you all to share in an exciting opportunity with us. In the last few years, our business and yours have grown exponentially together, and to further develop the relationship we have with our clients, we are planning to hold one or two workshop events in the coming months.

The purpose of these would be:

  • To give you an opportunity to meet some of our team
  • To participate in Q&A sessions
  • To demo our new features and to provide additional training on existing ones
  • To introduce prospective new clients to StoreFeeder
  • For us to better understand the needs of your businesses, and tailor the future development of StoreFeeder accordingly
  • To detail the roadmap for our future development

If you are interested, please take a few moments to answer some questions, and email your response to

  1. How many people from your company would you like to attend?
  2. How far would you be willing to travel? StoreFeeder is based in the Midlands, so is a location in the Midlands convenient for you, or would two smaller events in both the north and south be more ideal?
  3. Is there any particular training you would like to receive, or any further assistance we can offer?
  4. Are there any special requirements we should be aware of?

Please include any additional information or suggestions.

We ask that you respond as quickly as possible, as the earlier you register your interest, the higher your chance of securing a place at the event. We will be sending out invites as soon as we can.


We look forward to meeting you.


The StoreFeeder team

Published on: 4 Jul 2017 @ 09:59

Latest updates to StoreFeeder

Today saw the latest round of upgrades and new feature releases to StoreFeeder, so here is a brief overview of some of the main changes that are now live within the software

NEW – Multi-Select Filters on Grids

A new type of filter has been added to the grids used in StoreFeeder to display tabulated information.This filter allows you to select multiple values at once rather than being limited to filter just based on a single value.

Currently this has only been implemented on the Outstanding Orders grid on the Picking page, but we’re planning to roll it out to other grids in the coming weeks.

UPGRADE – Shipping Rules – Criteria Weighting

We’ve added an advanced option to Shipping Rules which allows you make some of the criteria in your rules more important when StoreFeeder is deciding which rule to apply.

This new feature is totally optional, and if you choose not to use it then your Shipping Rules will continue to function exactly as before.

For more information about this new feature please see the Knowledge Base article by clicking here

NEW – Redownload Orders

The ‘Delete’ button for external orders (i.e. orders that have downloaded from channel, rather than orders created in StoreFeeder) has been re-labelled to ‘Redownload’.  This is to help make it clearer that clicking that button will cause the order to be deleted from StoreFeeder, but that it will redownload into StoreFeeder, provided that the order still exists on channel, hasn’t been despatched on channel and that the order is less than 7 days old

So, there you go, a roundup of the main upgrades and new features from the latest software release.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with any of these, please contact the StoreFeeder Support Team who will be happy to help you


The StoreFeeder Team

StoreFeeder has a new Magento API

We have spent the last month writing a new Magento API for StoreFeeder that was released last week. This new API is for use with the Community Edition of Magento and has improved, as well as added, performance for listing to and managing your Magento Stores.

We have also added the improved support for configurable products on Magento and added the independent attributes with an updated grid to the listings page. This feature allows you complete control of the variants that you are listing as well as treating the variants on the listing separately from the existing ones set on the product.

If you are using the current Magento API you will see a message informing you to contact our support team on 0843 5236 610 for more information. For more information on Magento Community click here.

Setting up an API user and role for Magento Integration

In a previous post I discussed Magento integration for multi-channel ecommerce and how StoreFeeder can help with your Magento ecommerce operation, but let’s take it to the next step…

Magento Screenshot

In order to allow a system such as StoreFeeder to connect with your Magento store you will need to set up something called an API user along with an associated role. An API is the means by which software can communicate with each other.

Continue reading

Merry Christmas from StoreFeeder (and Holiday Support Hours)

We’d just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’ve been busy with developments over the last year and we’re looking forward to unveiling even more next year.

Holiday Support Hours

Friday 23rd Dec – Business as usual (Ticket support only after 2pm)

Monday 26th Dec – Support Offline
Tuesday 27th Dec – Support Offline
Wednesday 28th Dec – Limited Ticket Support Only
Thursday 29th Dec – Limited Ticket Support Only
Friday 30th Dec – Limited Ticket Support Only

Monday 2nd Jan – Support Offline

Business as usual from Tuesday 3rd Jan.

Looking forward to working with you in the new year!
The StoreFeeder Team